Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Summer- Tasha

My name is Natasha Williams and I am part of the University of Akron women’s basketball team. During this summer I spent about a month home with my family. I would hang out with my friends, play basketball and relax at home. Once I returned back to school for the summer, I moved in with my two roommates Jasmine and Denver. While at some school, I am doing basketball summer workouts and I also had an internship with the Stow Police Department.

During the internship, I did ride-a-longs with the police, went to the courthouse, worked with the youth services program, and spent a day in dispatch. The ride-a-longs were fun and interesting. We arrested several people and gave people speeding tickets. At the courthouse, I had the opportunity to sit in on cases and to meet the judges and magistrates. I went to the Stow area middle schools and talked to the children. I also got an opportunity to work at the dispatch where I got to listen to the police calls. Between my internship and summer workouts, this took up most of my time during the first summer session.

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