Tuesday, September 14, 2010

21 Questions with Brianna "BJ" Moyes

1. Nickname?

2. How did you choose your number?
We don't have #2 in Australia and I thought it was different

3. What has impressed you the most about Coach Kest and her staff?

How they are always checking up on you and asking how things are going

4. Funniest Teammate?

Jasmine, with all her sayings and the way she sings all the time

5. What is your favorite shot on the court?

Floater shot

6. What motto do you try to live by?

God Honors those that honor him

7. Who is your role model and why?

My parents because they are both really hard workers and very humble

8. Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Usain Bolt

9. What is your dream job?

To play pro ball

10. Tell me about your position coach?

Coach Kest- She is cool, alot of fun off the court but on the court she is tough and makes you work. She can also talk really fast :)

11. Hometown? What is something unique about it/your favorite thing to do there?

Canberra, Australia. There are kangaroos in my backyard.

12. What’s on your ipod?

A mixture of things but alot of dance type music

13. Who got you in to playing basketball?

My parents

14. Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

I like to say a quick prayer to myself before

15. If I had to take a road trip I’d go?

Back home to see my family

16. My favorite Halloween costume?

Never celebrated Halloween before

17. The reality TV show I would most like to be on?

Haven't seen to many reality TV shows while I've been here. I've only seen Jersey Shore and I don't really wanna be on that!

18. The best thing about being a Zip is?

All the great people I get to hang out with and the fact that a zip is a kangaroo

19. Favorite place on campus?

Lockeroom. Great place to chill

20. Favorite Restaurant?

Still trying out different places but Luigi's is pretty good.

21. Favorite class?

If I have to choose one it would have to be Oral Communications

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