Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Preseason Workouts

Akron Women’s Basketball preseason training is well under way. The goal of our strength and conditioning program at The University of Akron is to help the athletes reach their full athletic potential. Three times a week early morning our team gets up and meets at the weight room. After a thorough warm up, to get the blood flowing, we head into the weight room. Inside the walls of the weight room we work to become strong and powerful. This team is starting to see the benefits after several weeks of hard work. As the team adapts to their workouts, the weights are going up and the girls are getting stronger.

Outside the walls of the weight room we become fast, agile and conditioned. The Zips Women’s Basketball team gets together for conditioning several times a week. These conditioning sessions have increased in difficulty each week leading up to the peak of preseason. We are getting our team fully prepared to head into practice and prepare for a rigorous schedule of both non-conference and Mid American Conference match-ups. Last week was the hardest sprint workout the girls had to face yet. They worked through it as a team, and pushed themselves harder than they have before. Each athlete is learning, in their own way, how to give it a little more when they think there is nothing left to give. Heading into season if we can transfer over that mentality with the physical preparedness, it seems as if it will be a good year to watch Akron Women’s Basketball.

- Coach Loyd

Associate Head Coach

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