Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello Zip Fans! We have decided to keep up with technology and add a blog as another way to read about your favorite team. As we take on this new venture, we hope to provide you with fun pictures, exclusive interviews, current news and a whole lot more. You will hear from our players, coaching staff, and a few special guests. We are excited about our new blog as we look forward to sharing with you all that is Akron Women’s Basketball.

As summer “officially” ends, we are very busy preparing for the upcoming season. We have been on campus for about a month and the team’s schedule has been full of activity. This time is very important to us as we want our players to get off to a great start academically. We also are in the midst of our preseason conditioning efforts and the girls are working hard every day to build a strong foundation for the season.

Also, during this time the NCAA allows us to have 8 hours of contact (a week) with our players. Only two of those eight hours can be spent on the court with a basketball. Up until last week, Sept 15th, we worked with our players in groups of 4 working on skill development. We are now allowed to use those two hours and workout as a whole team. Sept 15th is like Christmas for the coaching staff :)! Although we love working our girls out individually there is just something special about having the whole team together for the first time! The first week of our “mini” practices went really well. The upperclassmen were focused and the freshmen really caught on in the drills and concepts that we taught them. We are looking forward to another great week of team individuals, conditioning, lifting, and open gym!

We officially begin practice on October 16th. These next four weeks are very important as we work towards our goals. Our coaching staff is confident that the girls will continue to push themselves both in the classroom and on the court. We want to be as ready as can be on October 16th!

Until next time! Go Zips!

- Coach Jackson

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