Wednesday, October 3, 2012

21 Questions with Megan Barilla

1. Nickname?

2. How did you choose your number? 
       #22 was taken

3. What has impressed you the most about Coach Kest and her staff? 
       They all put a lot of time into their jobs 

4. Funniest Teammate? 
       Katie Bubna 

5. What is your favorite shot on the court? 
       Three pointer from the top

6. What motto do you try to live by? 
       YOLO- you only live once 

7. Who is your role model and why? 
       My Dad- he is very hardworking, persistent, and successful in what he does 

8. Who is your favorite professional athlete? 

9. What is your dream job? 
       A rapper 

10. Tell me about your position coach? 
       Coach Ayla- She is very funny and awesome. She is also supportive and cool :)

11. Hometown? What is something unique about it/your favorite thing to do there?
        Fairview Park- East Coast Custard has the best ice cream 

12. What's on your iPod? 
         Mostly rap and some country

13. Who got you you in to playing basketball? 
          My Dad and brothers 

14. Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? 

15. If I had to take a road trip I would go? 
        Charleston, South Carolina to visit my sister 

16. My favorite Halloween costume? 

17. The reality TV show I would most like to be on? 
        Jersey Shore 

18. The best thing about being a Zip? 
        Campus is nice and has a lot of food places near by

19. Favorite place on campus? 
        My bedroom

20. Favorite restaurant? 

21. Favorite class? 

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