Monday, September 10, 2012

21 Questions with DiAndra Gibson

1. Nickname?

2. How did you choose your number? 
       When I was in the 3rd grade I started travel ball and looked up to Lebron

3. What has impressed you the most about Coach Kest and her staff? 
       She is very passionate about the game. The staff is very supportive. 

4. Funniest Teammate? 
       Megan Barilla 

5. What is your favorite shot on the court? 
       Elbow jumper 

6. What motto do you try to live by? 
       Keep calm, carry on 

7. Who is your role model and why? 
       Taylor Ruper, because she has worked really hard on her game 

8. Who is your favorite professional athlete? 
        Rondo- Boston Celtics 

9. What is your dream job? 
       To become a detective or csi agent 

10. Tell me about your position coach? 
       Coach Jackson- She is amazing :) She is very supportive and helpful on and off the court 

11. Hometown? What is something unique about it/your favorite thing to do there?
        Ravenna, OH  So many nice people and I love to hang out with my friends there 

12. What's on your iPod? 
         A lot of hip hop/rap 

13. Who got you in to playing basketball? 
        My Dad and older brother 

14. Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? 
        I pray during the national anthem 

15. If I had to take a road trip I would go? 
        To California 

16. My favorite Halloween costume? 
        A dead zombie 

17. The reality TV show I would most like to be on? 
        The Real World 

18. The best thing about being a Zip? 
        The wonderful campus and Auntie Annes in the student union 

19. Favorite place on campus? 
        Zip Lounge 

20. Favorite restaurant? 

21. Favorite class? 

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