Wednesday, November 2, 2011

21 Questions with Candace Martino

We asked freshman guard, Candace Martino, a few questions about herself! Candace is a 5'8" guard from Bethel Park, PA. Check out her answers below!

1. Nickname?

2. How did you chose your number?

Got stuck with it in 3rd grade, had it ever since

3. What has impressed you the most about Coach Kest and her staff?

Organization, passion and thier knowledge of the game

4. Funniest Teammate?


5. What is your favorite shot on the court?

Left 3 point wing

6. What motto do you try to live by?

A set back is always a bridge to comeback

7. Who is your role model and why?

Gannon Baker because he has faith, confidence, persistence and love for the game. Never met someone with so much passion in life!

8. Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Can't decide between Tim Tebow and Derrick Rose

9. What is your dream job?

To play overseas or be a D1 College Coach

10. Tell me about your position coach?

Brings positive energy to the court and will help me improve my game

11. Hometown? What is something unqiue about it/your favorite thing to do there?

Pittsburgh! Eating at Fioris Pizza and Primanti Brothers... it is a must!

12. What's on your ipod?
Anything ranging from the 50's to present day, besides rock, I love it all

13. Who got you in to playing basketball?

My neighbors playing outside when I was 3. I would watch everyday and have them hold me up so I could shoot. Fell in love ever since.

14. Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

Same song play list, same meal, drink red gatorade before the game

15. If I had to take a road trip I'd go?

Somewhere West Coast

16. My favorite Halloween costume?

I don't have one

17. The reality TV show I would most like to be on?

Not sure I'd even want to be on one! If I had to pick probably a competitive one!

18. The best thing about being a Zip?
Representing Women's Basketball and getting opportunities

19. Favorite place on campus?
The gym, but also Luigis, it's off campus but its the best italian food around!

20. Favorite Restaurant?

Hibachi Grill

21. Favorite Class?

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