Wednesday, October 21, 2009

End of Preseason

The Zips worked extremely hard this preseason and really pushed themselves thru the last couple of weeks. Each player showed improvement both in the weight room and on the track. They preserved through adversity and step it up to achieve their goals. We are all extremely excited about the upcoming practices and ready to get our season underway!!!

This year to conclude our preseason and kickoff practice we had a great team dinner at Coach Kest’s house. It is always a very entertaining time at Coach Kest’s. She loves having the team over for fun, food, and games. On this night we had lasagna and garlic bread (a team favorite). The girls ate every ounce of the lasagna. Boy, can this team eat!
After dinner we handed out our preseason awards. We wanted to recognize the athletes that showed the most improvement and the ones that consistently worked hard everyday. Below is a list of the winners.

Most Improved in Weight Room: Jasmine Mushington

Most Improved in Conditioning: Natasha Williams

Best overall in Conditioning: Rachel Tecca

Iron Zip: Kara Murphy

Also, as you can see in the pics. Coach Kest knows a few things about gadgets! Here you can see her new 90inch projector TV. Yes it has HD! Until next Time
- Coach Jackson

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